I Conquered my Fear!

I recently participated in a 26 Day A-Z Brand visibility video challenge.  Being an introvert, I actually freaked out in sweats when it was actually time to produce and post my very first video.  

However it was on my short term goal list to start video branding this year.  I realized the most important thing for me was to jump right in and take action on this goal.  I am happy to announce I completed all 26 days and now there is no fear of producing videos for my brand. 

Taking immediate action on your goals provides you with the power to overcome fear, doubt, uncertainty of outcome, and perfection.  Excellence is better than perfection.  My problem was that I wanted my video to be perfect.  I wanted my verbal content to be perfect.  Perfect got in the way of me doing this sooner.

Step 1. Write down your goals. Step 2. Simplify.  Step 3. Pray.  Step 4. Take Action

Well the next step was to share my videos outside this private group.  More sweating!  This week I decided that I would and could do this.  When I looked at my goal list, I realized that I have since then added more goals and it pushed my goal to share my videos to the bottom. 

I also realized that my goal list was super long and I had no breakdown actions.  This caused me to not focus on my immediate goal, sharing my videos, aaah.  

It is okay to dream BIG and have an enormous list of goals.  It's better to breakdown that list into short term and long term goals then break it down a little more by writing down an action plan next to each goal.

I decided to write down three goals per month and take action on these goals. I not only accomplished my goals, but I was in control of my life!!!  Do not be distracted my the length of your goals list. 

If you are an emerging entrepreneur or even a seasoned entrepreneur and things may seem a little unsettling or overwhelming because of the many things you want to do, the new Simply Plan It Goals Planner and Workbook is perfect.  I designed it to assist you in simplifying your goal list into three per month.  This system is perfect and having a system to conquer your goal list is awesome.

Happy Planning!
P.S.  I began sharing my videos on my facebook page.  Hooray!


Making Yourself The Expert

One thing that I have learned on this entrepreneurial journey is that you have to be consistently learning.  Learn, Learn, Learn.  Study, Study, Study.  Research, research, research.  Engage, engage, engage.  Share, share, share.  Personal and professional development is key to success.

Everybody trusts an expert. And, as every salesperson will tell you, individuals want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.


Here’s the 10-step process:

Step 1. Determine how you are going to brand yourself or your company. How do you want people to see or perceive you?

Step 2. Create a profile that will match your brand. It can include your degrees or certifications, your experience, your knowledge, and any material you’ve written or created.

Step 3. Create accounts at all of the major sites where you can brand yourself — LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. Then post consistent information on each of these sites with proof of your expertise.

Step 4. Get your knowledge out there by participating online. Many social media websites — including LinkedIn and Facebook — provide a place for you to answer questions posted by other users. All you need to do is review the questions, post a detailed, informed answer, and include a way for people to contact you.

Step 5. Get published on the Internet. The easiest and fastest way to get published is by creating a blog. There are many free tools out there for blogging, including WordPress and Blogger. The more quality information you publish in your area of expertise, the more you are perceived as an expert.

Step 6. To increase the impact of your social media presence, interlink between the social media sites and have them all crosslink to your website or blog. For example, have LinkedIn link to your blog, have Facebook link to your blog, and have your blog link back to LinkedIn and Facebook.

Step 7. Develop a strategy for enhancing your credibility with simple, informational videos highlighting your area of expertise. They can be as short as 3-4 minutes. Record them with a flip camera or a video cam on your computer and upload them to YouTube.

Step 8. Leverage the power of these sites for search engine optimization. If you follow the steps above, you’ll find that your name will come up high in the search engines. Google loves social media websites.

Step 9. Be active on these sites. You need to become part of the community. Social media websites are not just places to post information and broadcast your ideas. They are designed to be interactive. The more you interact, the more people will get to know, like, and trust you — and respect you as an expert.

Step 10. Finally, become a voice of your industry. You can do this by researching relevant news stories and reporting on them to your followers. You will soon be recognized as a source of great information in your area of expertise.

As you go through each of the above steps, your reputation as an expert will grow, especially in your particular niche. this will lead to trust… which will lead to more business for you.

Remember these are just options.  Do what works for you and it doesn’t have to happen all at the same time.
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An Interesting Place Called....Entrepreneurship

Prayer Principles
Romans 8:28 NIV

"And we have known that to those loving God all things do work together for good, to those who are called according to purpose."

Entrepreneurship is an interesting place and it is often met with failure and setback.

But when you know that there is a purpose for your work, you are clear that you are on assignment.  Remember the good and bad are working for your good.

As you continue to build your relationship with God, He will move you forward from barely making it in business to having more than enough.  He will present and open doors in a supernatural way.  He will position your name with the right people, in the right places and at the right time.  

Ephesians 3:20 NIV
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"

Dear Lord, I pray for the understanding and support of those closest to my heart, my family, that they will equate what may seem like endless hours of pre-occupation with business affairs to what is at the very core of my being. 

Once I achieve what I set out in it's fullest, I will become that more complete being I strive to be.  I am an entrepreneur.  I thank you Lord, and I am grateful that you allow me to see another day of fulfillment and a walk in my purpose. Order my steps Lord.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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You're WOW! Vision/Purpose Statement

The composition of a good vision/purpose statement
Your statement is going to describe the dream you have for your organization, so set no limits when initially exploring yours. You may even discover possibilities and opportunities that may not have come across your mind before. 

You’ll want to spend a few days thinking on your statement, then edit it down into something that’s realistic and achievable. Just don’t edit out your passion or your Why. Those are going to get you motivated and excited about accomplishing your vision.

A good vision statement
  • Identities direction and purpose
  • Sets standards of excellence that reflect high ideals and a sense of integrity
  • Is persuasive and credible
  • Inspires enthusiasm and encourages commitment
  • Is well articulated and easily understood
  • Is ambitious and calls for a shared commitment
  • Challenges and inspires people to align their energies in a common direction
  • Fits with the business’ unique culture and values
  • Results in efficiency and productivity
  • Reflects your company’s unique strengths

Questions to consider when creating your vision statement
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are your financial goals for your practice?
  • What will you or your firm be known for?
  • What services will you provide your clients?
  • What will your role be in the practice?
  • Where do you practice?
  • When will you need more space, different systems, more staff, more attorneys?
  • Why are you practicing law?
  • Why will your clients hire you rather than your competition?
  • What will the culture of your practice be?
  • What are your beliefs and values and how will they affect your practice?

Using your Why to help craft your vision/purpose statement

If you’ve already got your Why, it’ll make it somewhat easier to come up with your mission statement. Using your Why and the questions above, you should be able to come up with one in no time.

Let’s use my Why for example:
I believe in the power of dreams. We all have one. Some of us trade them in, but a select few relentlessly pursue their dreams and passions and never give up. My services are for the ones who didn’t trade theirs in and are looking to make their dreams become a reality; to take the vision in their head and make it absolutely tangible with a memorable, fun, and collaborative experience through brand identity.
Looking at my Why, I now have to create something that would allow me to do this effectively and allow me to continuously grow my business in this direction.
The Alba Henderson Brand will be the exclusive, woman inspired agency for female entrepreneurs and nonprofits. We will turn dreams into visual reality, and position our clients to have the tools to compete, not only against other small businesses. We will provide a full package of services and programs to position our clients for this, ranging from startup steps to social media basics to finding inspiration to move forward to reaching goals to creating action plans to walking in purpose to seeking God first to brand strategy.   

The Alba Henderson Brand will provide the most incredible collaborative experience with our clientele. Our clientele will hire us and tell others to hire us because of our thorough client experience model that positions us as partners instead of a coaching agency.

The culture of The Alba Henderson Brand will thrive on hiring the right people and making sure they are a cultural fit, that they uphold the values of Creating an Experience Above All Else, Being Responsible, Under Promising and Over Delivering, Being Adventurous and Embracing Their BOSS.
The value for our clients working with Alba Henderson is a valuable brand and identity that our clients will be able to use for 5+ years. The investment made in our services will be returned to our clients in a comprehensive, thoroughly built system with the benefits of having access to our exclusive client newsletter, free on-going support and advice, and services at a client-only rate. Clients will also get access to our e-books and courses at a client-only rate.

And ever since I created this statement, I’ve been actively working towards it.
  • I sent out my first client value newsletter last month with first-access to new services that will be rolling out in several months with client-only rates.
  • I’ve been actively streamlining and strategizing around client services and experience. I wanted to add more value to my clients and include brand strategy in my services.

Your vision statement will allow you to break things down into actionable steps to start accomplishing it. Without it, how else do you expect your organization to grow?

Here’s cheers to your business growth.  Repeat this lesson PLUS register for my POSITION YOUR BRAND BOOTCAMP. 




Travel Tips: What's In Your Carry On Ladies

Watching my mom pack for 9 kids during our summer travels and watching too many tv shows, hey!, I've learned how to pack for emergencies.  So here's a funny story, hubby doesn't think it's funny.  

I feel what goes in your carry on is just as important as what goes in your luggage.  During our travels to Puerto Rico, there was that time that we missed our flight returning home.  It always saddens me when it's time for me to leave any beach trip.  So when we missed our flight,  I was kinda happy, woohoo!!.   We called the hotel, our room was still available, they didn't charge us for the additional night.  My husband wasn't too upset. was time to enjoy the pool and the beachside.  

I had everything I needed in my carry on.  Not trunks, no sandals.  Oh man and wait!  We visited the gift shop to purchase swimming trunks for him.....$90.00!!!  Well ladies and gents, be ready, you never know.  Too much is never too much, fold small and get it in there. 

First, yes of course a nice looking carry on is a must...

Be Fashionable!

On My List
Pink is one of my favorite colors and I love Chanel.
Image result for pink chanel  carry on bags

Image result for pink chanel  carry on bags

Here are a few tips on what to pack in your carry on
  • Important documents, if you think it's important, bring it.
    • Tickets
    • Passport
    • Confirmations
    • Addresses
    • Taxi or rental information

  • Summer
    • Bathing suit and cover top
    • Sweater
    • Socks
    • Flipflops
    • Lotion
    • Sunscreen
    • Light overthrow or pretty soft scarf
  • Winter
    • Sweater or jacket
    • Sweatpants
    • Socks
    • Extra gloves
    • Scarf and hat/cap
    • Vaseline
    • T-shirt (check out my store, hehe)
    • Yup, I put my sneakers in there too:)
  • Essentials
    •  Prayers
    • Healthy Attitude
    • Patience
    • Wallet
    • Toiletries
    • Tissues
    • Moisturizer
    • Makeup Bag (see my choice above, lol), makeup
    • Towel
    • Water and Snacks (after screening)
    • Mints, gum or candy 
    • Bug repellent
    • Smell good stuff
    • Medicines 
    • Reading materials
    • Electronics; cell phones, tablets, laptops, chargers, earplugs, eye covers, pillow (I never leave home without it), music, your favorite planner and pen, business cards (Be Boss!)
    • Your Bootcamp notes!!! (oh did you forget?, Click Here)
    • An experience and post.

    If I forgot anything, please feel free to scoop me in comments...I love to learn!!! If my post helped in any way, please leave a comment or share.   Safe travels to you Queens. #SimplyPlanIt #SimplyPlanItLifestyle #entrepreneurlifestyle #beabossladyalways #travel #chanel #tips